Shot Show Review

Earlier this week, we spoke with Rick Constantine, the Vice President of Marketing for Camillus, to get his thoughts on the Shot Show. He said it was a phenomenal success as numerous people came up to talk with him saying it was great Camillus’ knives were back. It made him conclude: “Camillus is in the veins of America”. For more than a hundred years, Camillus Cutlery was a synonym for the finest knives available.

Acme United (ACU) made a fantastic acquisition when they bought the Camillus product brand names and intellectual property for $200,000 in a bankruptcy auction in 2007. Afterwards, the Company worked their magic and turned a good knife into an excellent knife. The new Camillus knives have an eye-catching design and are made out of the best materials. For instance, the blades have a titanium carbonitride coating, making them 10 times harder than stainless steel.

Remember that prior to its bankruptcy, Camillus was an $18 million business. And although it will take some time to reach that level again, the Shot Show once more made it clear that Camillus still has a very strong brand name with an outstanding reputation.

The Camillus knives will be for sale in major DIY chains, at large retailers and at a number of leading industrial distributors. Additionally, the Company is showing the Camillus line to several major hardware distributors and retailers. We’re convinced Camillus is an exciting growth prospect for Acme United.

Rick Constantine said the Shot Show was a success for most companies and that there was a lot of activity. This is yet another indication the economy is slowly but surely picking up speed.

The positive feeling about the economy in general, combined with the fact that both DAC Technologies and Acme United are profitable companies with a strong balance sheet and excellent growth prospects, are reasons enough to give them a BUY recommendation.

We will conduct a new audio interview with Walter Johnsen, Acme United’s Chairman and CEO, next week. We’ll be asking Mr. Johnsen about his prospects and outlook for 2010.

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