Why Small Caps

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Sometimes after a financial setback investors decide that they would be better off if a “professional” takes care of their investments. They reason that buying and selling shares is complicated and that one has to have his eyes on our Bloomberg monitor 24/7. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although fund managers will do Read More

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Every now and then we get confronted with articles in the financial press that one should avoid small cap stocks. The authors usually reference to the higher probability of companies in that market segment or being fraudulent entities. We agree that looking at the overall market, small cap stocks are riskier than large caps. It’s Read More

Why Invest In Small Caps?

Why Invest In Small Caps? post image

When I’m asked why I bother to research all these small cap stocks, when instead I can simply let a fund manager handle my money, I laugh, take out my tablet and show a few graphs similar to the one above. THAT’s why I, and all other stock pickers in the world, do it, because Read More