Flexible Solutions Int’l – Update Interview

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Mr. Dan O’Brien, the President and CEO of Flexible Solutions International, Inc. (FSI – $1.89), discusses the Company’s new plant, which will allow FSI to produce the only renewably-based poly-aspartic acid in the world, insulating the company from future oil price shocks. The plant nears production and will be a major growth driver for the Company.

Flexible Solutions manufactures and markets biodegradable polymers which prevent corrosion and scaling in water pipes used in the petroleum, chemical, utility and mining industries. This product can also be used in detergents to increase biodegradability and in agriculture to increase crop yields by enhancing fertilizer uptake.

Listen to the interview and find out more about FSI’s one of a kind plant that’s nearing production and that will make the Company independent of rising oil prices.

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