Up Close & Personal with Century Casinos’ co-CEO Mr. Peter Hoetzinger

Peter Hoetzinger

Mr. Peter Hoetzinger, President and co-CEO of Century Casinos Inc.

We’re pleased to announce another fresh and in-focus interview available via audio and text transcript, this time with Mr. Peter Hoetzinger, President and co-CEO of Century Casinos Inc. (CNTY – $3.00).

In our first-ever interview with Mr. Hoetzinger, we explore the company’s positive results for fiscal year 2010 and get more input on how and why Century Casinos is exceeding expectations in the challenging field of casino operation and management. The casino executive outlines the company’s recent progress in the three international markets where it’s active: North America, Europe and on a range of luxury cruise vessels.

Our interview also uncovers key biographical data on the firm, from Century Casinos’ foundation and the experience of its executive board to its role as a dominant presence in the international small to mid-sized gaming market.

Mr. Hoetzinger rounds out our interview with a look at potential growth for the coming year, and for the gaming field as a whole. With plentiful data that covers all the financial essentials and gives voice to the company’s culture and vision, our interview serves as a great starting point for anyone with an eye out for new investment opportunities.

Enjoy our interview with Mr. Peter Hoetzinger of Century Casinos by clicking the “Play” button below, or check out our convenient transcript for the text version by clicking the button on the right.


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