NSX Silver Inc

43,413,767 common shares of NSX Silver will be distributed to NSGold Corp (NSX - $0.46) shareholders at the close of business on Friday, March 16, 2012. For each share held of NSGold, we will receive one share of NSX Silver in our brokerage accounts a few days later. NSX Silver will commence trading two days Read More

NSGold Corporation (NSX - $0.46) has finally obtained all the necessary documents from the securities commissions to proceed with the spin-out of its Mexican silver assets into NSX Silver Inc. The TSX Venture Exchange has already approved the listing of the new NSX Silver shares, but an exact date for the first quotation still hasn't Read More

NSGold (NSX - $0.42) has taken the next step in spinning-out its Mexican Silver assets into a new publicly traded Company called NSX Silver Inc. At an Extraordinary General Meeting, an overwhelming 99.98% of shares voted in favor of distributing the shares of the new Company as a tax free Reduction of Capital. This was Read More