NSGold Interviews

We've been following the progress of NSGold Corp (NSX - $0.17) for quite some time, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to host an update interview with the company's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Hans van Hoof, especially in light of its recent spin-out of its Mexican assets into NSX Silver Inc (NSY - Read More

The timing of NSGold's (NSX - $0.48) announcement that it was going to split the Company in two, couldn't have been better as we had an interview planned with Mr. Hans van Hoof, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the very next day. Spin-out Obviously, we first discussed the big news that NSGold is Read More

The mining industry holds several interesting prospects for investors these days, with gold serving as one of the most promising areas for both short- and long-term growth. Mr. Glenn Holmes is Chief Financial Officer of NSGold Corporation (NSX - $0.35), which operates a number of exploration projects in Nova Scotia, Canada. Mr. Holmes sat down Read More