NSGold Interview: The Scoop on Nova Scotia

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The mining industry holds several interesting prospects for investors these days, with gold serving as one of the most promising areas for both short- and long-term growth. Mr. Glenn Holmes is Chief Financial Officer of NSGold Corporation (NSX – $0.35), which operates a number of exploration projects in Nova Scotia, Canada. Mr. Holmes sat down with us to talk about the Company’s expanding presence in the province’s historic first gold mining area.

Our intensive interview, available in both audio and text formats, includes a valuable introduction to NSGold, including its history and the past development of its ongoing projects. Investors can enjoy Mr. Holmes’ discussion of important stages in the progress of Canadian mining operations, and of NSGold’s currently-held properties. Discover why this Company, led by some truly experienced and skilled executives in the mining and financing industry, has put its confidence in the famed Mooseland mining project.

Get to know this recently-listed Company and gain valuable insights on the status of gold amidst global economic difficulty – all from a seasoned and down-to-earth industry veteran. We hope you enjoy this in-depth Smallcaps.us interview, and we invite you to comment on the Company as we keep our eye on NSGold’s growth.

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