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Our guest today is Mr. Doug Frater, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Green Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: GGRN).

Global Green Solutions Inc. is rapidly becoming a worldwide leader in the development of alternative energy resources and greenhouse gas reduction technology. With an expanding portfolio of ecotechnology-based products and services, Global Green Solutions is tackling the challenge of global warming while economically benefiting customers and consumers.

Global Green has two main renewable energy business units, Vertigro Algae Technologies and Global Greensteam.

Vertigro Algae Technologies uses high-density vertical photo bioreactors to rapidly mass produce algae biomass which is harvested. The high quality oil is extracted as an economic and sustainable feedstock for biodiesel production and as a standard vegetable oil fuel for electrical power generation.

The Vertigro algae growing technology optimizes the use of solar energy and sequesters large quantities of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in a closed loop continuous process. The oil yield of the Vertigro algae is over 100 x that of energy crops per growing unit footprint, does not require arable land, and requires minimum water utilization.

Global Greensteam combusts wood, crop and animal waste biomass to produce steam that is used for industrial processes and electrical power generation. The technology delivers a high efficiency combustion process with lowest air emissions matched with efficient heat transfer to the steam and power generation systems.

The production of steam and power from waste biomass is economic and sustainable and provides a solution to the environmental legislation and mandates prohibiting open burning, land filling and requirements for carbon footprint reduction.

Find out why the Company is set to generate $100 million revenues per year in the near future.

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