Global Green Solutions Answers Investors’ Inquiries

Craig Harting

Mr. Craig Harting, COO of Global Green Solutions

We’re very pleased that Mr. Craig Harting, the Chief Operating Officer of Global Green Solutions (GGRN) was again able to join us to give an update on how the Company is doing and where it’s headed. Our interview has touched upon a variety of questions sent in by our listeners, and we’re grateful for their participation.

Mr. Harting makes a strong case for GGRN’s flagship technology focused on converting biomass into clean, renewable energy. He explains what exactly makes the Greensteam process so unique and valuable. He also discusses the plans for completing the Aera demonstration unit and moving on with the deployment of the 10 full-scale units.

Also brought to the fore are Greensteam’s plans for operational permits for the Aera project, the Company’s confidence in the worldwide applicability of Greensteam’s low emissions and advantages, and Mr. Harting’s own take on recent fines issued to two biomass plants.

The COO furthermore touches upon the recent retirement of a substantial amount of Company debt. Global Green Solutions’ other projects are also discussed, and Mr. Harting offers insight into the Company’s decision to change its business model from “build, own and operate” to a model that focuses on licensing the technology.

Find out why Global Green Solutions’ COO affirms that the Company is “on the cusp of success with Greensteam,” and check out our informative interview. Hit the play button below to listen to the interview or download our convenient transcript.


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