Global Green’s Demonstration Unit Burning Biomass

When I saw this video for the first time, it immediately reminded me of Neil Diamond’s “Beautiful Noise”. “What a beautiful noise, it’s the sound that I love and it sure makes me feel good”. (Thanks Neil for the inspirational lyrics).

This video shows Global Green Solutions’ (GGRN – $0.11) demonstration unit at Aera Energy firing on wood biomass. Early September, we announced that the Company was entering the pre-commissioning and optimization phase after finishing construction of the demo unit.

Testing Phase

The Greensteam demo unit will go through a series of tests to demonstrate to Aera Energy that it’s up to the job. For example, the unit has to make two controlled startups after being completely shut down. Also, the demo unit has to operate continuously for a number of hours while producing steam at a specified quality, quantity and pressure.

Although, all tests haven’t been conducted yet, hence there hasn’t been a press release from Global Green, this video clearly shows that serious progress is being made and that we can expect to receive official notice soon. The operational acceptance testing is the next step in the process.


Global Green is getting there step by step. It may not be as fast as some investors hope, but that’s the way it is. Don’t forget that this is a first of its kind project and that everything has to be executed meticulously.

Many potential investors and clean energy project owners are waiting for the Company’s announcement that the demo unit passed all tests. Once that message is issued, I expect to see a lot of activity with Global Green.

It brought us a beautiful noise in 2010. I’m sure it will bring us many beautiful things in 2011. If you haven’t already, get in while you still can at these prices.

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