EnerSpar Corp. (ENER)

EnerSpar is an exploration company focused on industrial minerals oriented to today’s and future energy requirements. Potassic feldspars are especially significant as a hardening agent in today’s solar panels and tomorrow’s solar shingles.
Symbol (TSX): ENER
Symbol (Fra): 5E0
Website: www.enerspar.com

Latest Press Releases
EnerSpar and Blockstation Jointly Announce Proposed Business Combination and Spin-Out Dec 6, 2017
EnerSpar Announces Drill Mobilization Nov 29, 2017
EnerSpar Announces Fall Work Program Nov 15, 2017

Latest Updates
EnerSpar Enters Into Highly Lucrative Transaction With Blockstation post image

EnerSpar Corporation (TSXV: ENER – $0.07 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.04), which is developing the exciting Johan Beetz feldspar property, has announced a potentially spectacular business combination with Blockstation, a Toronto based company that has developed a platform on which crypto-currencies are traded. If completed successfully, this transaction will be highly lucrative for existing EnerSpar Read More

Drill Turning At EnerSpar’s Johan Beetz Feldspar Project post image

The much anticipated drill has arrived at EnerSpar Corp’s (TSXV: ENER – $0.05 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.03) flagship Johan Beetz Property. In fact, the first of a series of 50 holes has already been drilled. A total of about 1250m of drilling is planned, with the average drill hole extending down about 25 meters Read More

EnerSpar Corp Set to Commence Much-Anticipated Drilling Program post image

This week, EnerSpar Corp. (TSXV: ENER – $0.08 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.04) confirmed that it is ready to proceed with its initial drilling program, as part of exploration work currently underway, at its flagship Johan Beetz Property. The first phase of drilling is set to commence immediately, while a second phase is planned to Read More

EnerSpar Corp Rapidly Advances Johan Beetz Feldspar Property post image

EnerSpar Corporation (TSXV: ENER – $0.05 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.03) is an exploration company focused on industrial minerals oriented to today’s and future energy requirements. The Company recently acquired the Johan Beetz property, which is a former producer of potassic and sodic feldspar with considerable geological inventory of these feldspar minerals. Potassic feldspars are Read More

EnerSpar Corp CEO Jay Richardson Explains Merits of Unique Feldspar Opportunity post image

EnerSpar Corp. (TSXV: ENER - $0.05 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.03) is a mining Company that is developing an extraordinary feldspar property in Quebec, Canada. As EnerSpar only became listed a few months ago, it hasn’t been discovered by many investors yet. Hence, we’re very pleased to sit down with Mr. Jay Richardson, the Chairman Read More