Acme United Wins GOOD DESIGN Award

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Acme United Corporation (ACU) announced on Tuesday that it won a GOOD DESIGN award from the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design, for its iPoint Evolution pencil sharpener.

GOOD DESIGN is one of the oldest and most important design competitions worldwide. Each year, the Museum receives hundreds of submissions from the biggest and most famous brands like Apple, Hewlett Packard, BMW, Porsche, Microsoft, etc.

These days, it isn’t sufficient that your products work impeccably and are competitively priced, they also have to be attractive looking. Or do you really think Apple would be selling as many iPhones as it is, if their mobile phone had an everyday design?

Acme United excels because they constantly re-invent everyday products like scissors, knives and school and office items.

They apply new materials like titanium carbonitride coatings, making their knifes and scissor blades more than 10 times harder than stainless steel. They add a non-stick coating to scissors, which makes them useful in difficult environments like the floral area for cutting and trimming flowers and bushes, or in the arts and crafts area, where lots of glue and paste is used. And they open up new markets by adding Microban, which is an ingredient that inhibits the growth of bacteria, to school and office products.

On top of this, they give their products an outstanding design, which is recognized by winning this GOOD DESIGN award.

We expect Acme United to have a good 2010 as the Company is introducing a high number of new products into the market and is expanding its number of customers.

The innovative SpeedPak utility knife for instance, is now available in many chains and the list is growing. Also, the famous Camillus knife brand has been re-launched and will be another exciting growth prospect in 2010.

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